Accounting Services:
1. Accounts Receivable- a.Apply Monthly Charges b.Enter Monthly Payment c.Apply Late Fees and send out late statements 
2. Accounts Payable- a. Pay Monthly Bills b. communicate with vendors c. maintain the income/expense statement along with the general ledger. 
3. Address violations of the rules&regulations
4. Maintain Home Owners information 
5. Maintain correspondence log between Home Owners and Board Members. 
6. Bank Account Maintenance, which include bank reconciliations
7. Prepare Annual Budget.
8.  Prepare Monthly Financial Statements,including balance sheet,
AR report,AP report,income statement,general ledger.
9. Reserve Replacement Schedule
10.Year end financial packet for CPA in preparation of Annual Financial Audit &Tax Return
1. Provide Monthly Meeting packages:which include agenda,financial statements,correspondence ingoing/outgoing,legal status,closing information, and meeting minutes.
Property Inspections:
1. Conduct inspections of the property. Inspections are to review necessary repairs,contractor performance, and homeowner violations. 


Vendor Service agreements:
1. Gather quotes for contract services, as required.
2. Review all vendor contracts
3. Maintain certificate of insurance for all vendors 
Additional Service:
24 Hour emergency assistance (888-391-2311 ext#710)